WoW: feral druid up to 20% strengthened to be enough?

Quite a few Buffs. You will find buffs of up to 20%.
There should be a Balance between the various classes in Wow. However, a specialisation is very strong in the Grid: The feral-druid (Feral). This specialization, as it makes small damage in Dungeons can not keep up, and when questing problems is avoided by gamers. There are Buffs.
What’s reinforced? A total of three abilities of the druids get significant Buffs. The Changes are in Detail:

Brutal slots gives 20% more damage,
Swipe deals 15 percent more damage.
Deals that are hit damage.

Furthermore, there is another Hoftix: druids will not drop their Buffs berserk, tiger’s fury and incarnation: king of this jungle, if you change your Type (to heal around). The Buff remains in the kind of exchange. This allows the druids to leave even for a brief while, the Type, to result in a Regrowth and then with the Buff in cat kind.
Community wants more. Many are also disappointed, Though some gamers are happy there are developments for the druids. These Buffs don’t move far enough and they are supposedly just”a drop in the ocean”. The feral druid would need even Buffs to the other classes compete.
More for BfA on the ThemaWoW DPS Ranking — This course makes in Uldir more harm?
An exact date for the Release of the Buffs, there’s not yet, however, Blizzard expects it”would soon be within the next 48 hours,” with usat the latest, on Saturday morning,
Looking forward to the druids to the alterations and will try their ferocity afterward? So your changes to cat form or it needs more?