Death Knight spec guide in BfA

WoW death knight in World of Warcraft looks stupid from the laundry. His ghoul is now a prisoner in the custody of an NPC. Some of the stories in World of Warcraft are so stupid that you had to read two times.

BfA Death Knight in new patch 8.1

Ghoul at the steady master delivered: On Reddit, the player Coltdaman1 reported that he has made into his ghoul into the stable master as a death knight that was unholy. The NPC, which can be locked up now and is actually meant just as a creature, probably for hunters-companion accepted this.
If he is currently using the”awaken Undead”, you may see simply no fresh ghoul because of this is trapped in the master. Consequently, much Possible is dropped to the passing knight, the ghoul, he’s substantially poorer.
Bug only briefly,”available”: Many death knights are striving ever since, your ghoul also lock, but only a few succeeded. The Bug is not, apparently, depends upon various factors, or all of the players. Passing knights have verified him and stated they had to compose a Ticket to receive your re-summon that was ghoul. Appears to be a Game Master needs to Resolve the Issue manually,
Reactions of the players are amused: The gamers on Reddit commented on liberally and to show a good time.

“Just picture the face of the master that is stable, if the ghoul has all the animals eaten.”
“Perhaps the ghoul does not want to return also only, after all, he’s got a great deal of cute animals.”
“Every couple of months, players will see this is a Bug that brings all people only Laugh. Thank you for that.”

It is only a matter of time until its ghoul is got by Coltdaman back, and Blizzard these errors are corrected. Until then, Give your ghoul not at the master that is . The can not manage it.
What’s the funniest mistake in you can laugh and wow, have dedicated?
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