Warcraft news: Action Against World Quest Exploits

An exploit has led to major problems in the World Quests of World of Warcraft. Blizzard promised penalties for the players. The first player has received an awesome reputation with many factions in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth.

The rail according to the current state to be impossible to use without a bug or exploit, and that was exactly the case. Who has taken advantage of the errors, it can be set on penalties.

What WoW Exploit?

At that time from the Legion, it was possible by accepting the advantage of an error that a few of the world quests.

WoW Exploit Thus, players could reach lots of groups and obtained multiple occasions, the standing rewards of the corresponding Quest. Meanwhile, the Exploit was repaired with a Hotfix.

More rewards on account of this bug

In precisely the same time, players could drag but there are also other benefits from the Bug. So you were able to capture for about several times the gold benefits from the Quests, or equipment that is great to earn.

If there is a Quest awarded to a belt using item level 320 +, the Quest could be completed by you just until the belt has been forged titanium, in the maximum level.
Fans are not currently requesting a ban. What sort of punishment expects for its players remains unknown. There are rumors that there are”just” a ban of 3 times there. Plenty of fans ask, however, that there could be penalties that are maybe permanent or longer. Since game mechanics were bypassed and it would be obvious that this was not a deliberate exploit.More rewards on account of this bug
What do you think about the issue? Should punishments are distributed by Blizzard? Or is it the fault that an Exploit was even possible of Blizzard?