Battle for Azeroth new Bosses: N’zoth Old God

The old gods appear to play a role in the Battle for Azeroth. In a quest for the champions of Azeroth, a servant of the old God N’zoth in the World of Warcraft appears.

Azeroth reputation

If you gain in the case of the champions of Azeroth reputation, you can with each new reputation level. Your heart of Azeroth has some of the item levels increase. To do this, you must complete a World quest. When the status is “Respectful” is this quest a bit longer.

In which you Azeroth have to fortify Magni direct you once more into the core space of Azeroth. You may, but interrupted to be able to nourish him, and the heart because of his master required. Her back hit the slave, and his final words are”He rises!”

N’zoth is shown

Considering that the war bringer-Video into Azshara, you understand that the elven Queen Azshara is the Queen of the Old God N’zoth. The look of the first concrete indications in the game’s surface is totally completely free, however.

There was a previous character: Azshara could be at the Shrine of storm briefly seen. In the game owing to its Occurrence is apparent the Azshara will perform in the Battle for Azeroth.

In the area of the Shrine and in the Sturmsangtals’ open universe there were more characters. From the instance and around you frequently aberrations should be seen, which remind the servants of all the older gods, to the face. Some of the frescoes on the floor show a creature that is very reminiscent of N’zoth.

N'zoth is shown

More gods come out? There is as yet no concrete sign of the Old God. However, is a fan theory that says that Yogg-Saron gets his fingers in the match, which the gods are served by Anduin.

Yogg-Saron is apparently not very dead, and after all, he’s the”God of death”. Already in the Pre-Event on his servants met into the Legion of players. To forego the Fight for Azeroth Sylvanas sayings that seem suspiciously similar to, reminiscent of Yogg-Saron.