WoW, after 14 years, new sales record – how is that possible?

Blizzard has set the first Numbers for the earnings of this new add-ons open after the Fight of Azeroth is a couple of days to play. It shows.

In a press launch, Blizzard has posted about the Fight for Azeroth’s Growth and also the launch,The PR effort, the players of the Horde and the Alliance should re-raise awareness has worked out well.

Battle for Azeroth is your fastest-selling expansion
According to the notification, Battle for

Azeroth, has already on the day of sale. August 2018, more than 3.4 million sold globally. This was a first-time sales record for its Warcraft Franchise, also that which makes the Battle for Azeroth to be the fastest-selling WoW expansion, and among those fastest-selling PC games of all time.
According to the CEO and also co-founder of all Blizzard, Mike Morhaime, was the book of the Battle for Azeroth is only the start. The conflict between the Horde and the Alliance and its players, who devote themselves into the war campaigns, and will develop even further.
How has this been performed by Blizzard?
World of Warcraft for the past 14 years and has appealed since, not a break. The servers were online, it have played with players.
That after a long time is uncommon and remarkable. Quite suddenly, it’s not, however, the PR effort, that has fueled Fight for Azeroth, has functioned well.
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Players can identify improved: In especially in Warlords of Draenor, the past add-ons, along with the Legion, the Horde and the Alliance fought against a Evil. With the Battle of Azeroth both the Alliance and Horde have to get profile.
The players are aware of the”Horde” or”Alliance”, because there are Battle for Azeroth again, a kind of place, represents the team choice.

What’s this happening? What in particular has led to a unique advertising campaign coordinated by Blizzard ahead of this Fight for Azeroth’s Release. In certain advertisements, and games through Blizzard participant must choose Horde or Alliance.
In for BfA-created advertising will be revealed, the conflict between the Horde and the Alliance also in actual life. Together with the campaigns, too old players have been picked up, and new players won.
Out here the new ad clips into WoW: Battle for Azeroth
The Story plays a role: For present players has attracted a border between Alliance and the Horde additionally from the sport. The story has grown dramatically and for battles. A shout was at the Community which were occasionally out of control and in a death wish against writers.
Generally speaking, the narrative of Sylvanas since the Warchief leads the Horde from the war, but did exactly what it needs: it’s given a new target at the Battle for Azeroth to players can work and want to. You have to fight for something, not against anything,
The trimming Teldrassil.
A: Blizzard has also made the entry to the World of Warcraft simpler. For the basic game, including Legion players and up to should have a subscription plus only one Account to cover — a battle torso is no longer essential.
Only the current expansion Fight for Azeroth has to be obtained in addition. And this comes with a free Boost to level 110. Returnees and players can gamble with your old friends or new material to get in without needing to catch up.
Would You like to Begin with Battle for Azeroth? You need to know whether you (want to) start with WoW.
As Morhaime stated, the story of the Battle for Azeroth. Some articles will be unlocked in the coming weeks, many others are still to be declared. It will reveal whether the Battle for Azeroth is the most effective of WoW-Addons,

Fight for Azeroth will develop even more extreme: the Alliance and the Horde will change,