BfA patch 8.2 Rise of Azshara updates

Blizzard has released the past updates. From the war-bringer: Rise of Azshara you may see the Naga’s roots and intentions.
The extension Battle for Azeroth published by Blizzard. In the war-bringer: Azsharawe see their motivation to put in the new addon from the Horde and the Alliance and the leader of the Naga.

Who is Azshara?

Azshara has been an elf in front of over 10,000 years, the ruler of the night, admired and loved by all the people. They made the Burning Legion, as you and your servants strove more and more to the magics of the well of life. The consequences of the war, the fountains burst, and the demons were directed by Azshara to Azeroth and divided the world into many continents. Azshara was dragged to the sea and the gods corrupted – you and your servant had been among the Naga.Rise of Azshara - wow-powerleveling-wowgold In contrast is not Azshara become a servant of the gods that are previous. It’s the previous gods, especially N’zoth. She made a pact, however under the condition that she will be Queen of the Kingdom that you may assemble,

How can you enjoy the war bringer: Azshara? Rise of Azshara is worse or better than the past?