Azerite Armor Boosting in Battle for Azeroth

A new Chest of Azerite Armor, waving for all the players of World of Warcraft. With an item level of 355, it is suitable for main characters and alts alike.

With the Battle for Azeroth, every week there is a chic reward for PvP players of World of Warcraft. After earning last week, already have a reliable weapon with an item level of 345 was waving this time, a chic chest armor with an item level of 355.

What is Azerite Armor

Azerite Armor is a new addition to Battle for Azeroth which allows you to use your Heart of Azeroth to empower it. Azerite Armor will drop in 3 slots for the entire expansion of Battle for Azeroth – Chest, Helm and Shoulders.

To get to the chest armor, you must collect with your character 500 conquests, if you have earned in the last week already in the gun. Otherwise, you’ll have to collect a total of 1000 conquest to the weapon and then the chest armor to unlock.

What is Azerite Armor

How to get 355 level?

What’s a conquest? To earn the necessary conquest (or “conquest points”), you must successfully participate in several PvP activities. Including the following things:

  • The win in the Arena
  • The win in the battlefield
  • The win in the epic battlefield
  • Opening an Airdrop crate

Each activity brings per day, only once a large quantity of the conquest, after which the value decreases. Who wants to do everything in one day, so allow for a little variety.

There are even more. Each week add a new item there is to win for conquest. Starting next week, so there is another piece of equipment, again for 500 conquests (1500 in total).

How to get 355 level

So all of the players stay on the Ball to get a robust set over time. Since none of the rewards will expire so soon, can also receive follow UPS and Twinks the coveted Items.

You can find it well, that part comes so quickly each week on a robust equipment. Or is it entirely to show slots in which you otherwise had no drop luck?